Discover Ford's technology for a smoother driving experience. With Pro Trailer Backup Assist, backing up with a trailer becomes an easy task. Hill Descent Control gives you control on steep downhill slopes, while our intelligent adaptive cruise control keeps you in the right lane and at the right speed. And when it comes to safety, the F-150 offers a blind-spot warning not only for the vehicle but also for the trailer. Explore our technological innovations and make your driving both easier and safer with the Ford F-150.

Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control is simply a cruise control that uses engine braking and anti-lock braking technology to automatically brake the car on steep descents without losing traction. This way, you can focus on just steering the car, which is challenging enough with a pickup on steep terrain.

Intelligent adaptive cruise control

The intelligent, adaptive cruise control keeps track of cars ahead, speed signs and road markings, to make sure you always stay in the right lane and at the right speed. When necessary, the system can bring the vehicle to a full stop, when queuing for example, and then continue as the queue moves. It may not sound like much to the world, but it will put a silver lining on your driving both in the city's traffic jams and on long country roads.

Zone lighting

Half the year, at least northern Europe is getting pretty dark, and if you work in the forest, it is a long way to the nearest streetlamp. Therefore, the Ford F-150 is equipped with lighting on the bed, but you can also illuminate the area around the car, divided into four different zones. Easily control via the infotainment screen where around the car you want the work lights on.

360-degree camera

Thanks to cameras all around the car, you get a 360-degree view of the area around the F-150. This allows you to easily get through tight passages and can reverse or park with precision.

4x4 Electronic Shift-On-The-Fly (ESOF)

The F-150 features rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive driving modes in both high and low gear, and Ford's electronic Shift-On-The-Fly lets you switch between rear- and all-wheel drive even while driving, with a simple knob on the dashboard. The system consists of hubs that lock and disconnect automatically through the gearbox, ensuring you always get the best out of every driving mode.