Every detail counts

With us, it's not just about individual features that make a Pick-up great. It's the combination of every feature that makes the F-150® fit perfectly into every aspect of your life. From powerful engines to intelligent technology – all designed to deliver the ultimate driving experience. Welcome to a world where every detail matters.


The Ford F-150 stands out with its impressive ability to tow heavy weights (with a maximum capacity of up to 3500 kg), making it the optimal choice for your most demanding towing needs.

This reliable pickup truck is designed to handle the most challenging tasks with ease and strength. Additionally, you can smoothly utilize the retractable step in the tailgate to easily load items into the bed, making the work even more convenient and efficient.


Immerse yourself in a world of features and cutting-edge technology in the Ford F-150. Explore our range of impressive capabilities like Pro Trailer Backup Assist, making trailer backing a breeze. Experience smooth downhill driving with Hill Descent Control, and relax with the intelligent adaptive cruise control that manages speed and driving conditions for you.

Safety is never out of sight with the F-150's blind-spot warning, which also includes a feature that covers beside the trailer. With the Ford F-150, every journey is more than just a drive – it's an opportunity to explore what's possible with the latest technology in your vehicle.

Discover how the Ford F-150 is changing the game for pickups. Your driving experience will never be the same again!


Comfort is the key to a relaxed and enjoyable driving experience, and the Ford F-150 never compromises when it comes to offering the highest level of comfort. Every detail of the F-150's interior is designed with passengers' comfort in mind, from the ergonomic seats to the quiet cabin that provides you with a peaceful journey.