Current recalls

On this page, we gather the latest information about recalls of Ford F-150 models to help you know if your vehicle has a recall.

Current recalls    

2021-2023 F150 suspect wiring harness chafe to rear axle 


Issue Date 

On your vehicle, it may be possible for the rear axle wire harness to chafe over an extended period of time, damaging the electric parking brake wiring. 

Safety Risk 
Damaged electric parking brake wiring may lead to inadvertent parking brake application while driving, potentially resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and increasing the risk of a crash. 

Ford Motor Company is working closely with its suppliers to produce parts for this repair. When parts become available, Ford Motor Company will notify you via mail to schedule a service appointment with your dealer for repairs to be completed free of charge parts and labor. If owners experience the symptoms related to a chafed rear axle wire harness, they should come into the dealership, who can do an interim repair.

Frequently Asked Questions about recalls

What should I do if my vehicle needs to be recalled?

Contact your local Ford dealer or Ford repair shop.

Are recalls repairs free?

Yes, if your car is subject to a recall, either Ford or Hedin US Motor (official importer and distributor of Ford F-150 in Europe) will cover the cost of fixing the defect.

When is the action performed?

The most common type of recall concerns minor faults that can be corrected in connection with the next regular service visit. If the error needs to be corrected sooner, we or your Ford dealer will contact you to schedule an appointment. 

How long does the repair take?

It depends on what the recall is about. Ask your Ford repair shop for more information.

Can I drive my car safely until the repair is performed?

If you haven't heard anything else from your Ford workshop, you can drive the car as usual. It is only in extremely rare cases that cars are subject to an immediate driving ban. The most common is that recalls are minor faults that can be corrected at the next service visit. 

Do you provide a rental car for recalls?

We do our best to offer a comparable loaner vehicle as needed. Talk to your Ford dealer for more information.
If you have further questions about recalls, please send an email to and we will get back to you.